Webber Browser Updated

Ewen Wannop has released an updated version of the Webber Internet Browser for the Apple IIGS. Webber version 1.1 includes the following updates:

  •  many bug fixes to improve stability, to both Webber and the HTML Tool
  • added some new features to the HTML Tool as well
  • now optionally supports the receiving and sending of Cookies. 
  • A simple editor, lets you can view and delete Cookies you may not wish to keep. 

The Webber browser requires that Marinetti be installed on your Apple IIGS, runs on GSOS System 6.01 through 6.04 and will handle any non secure HTTP website that does not use scripts or style sheets.

For more information about Webber 1.1 or to download the App, go tot he Webber website at:

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