WOZ Format Support Added to DiskBrowser

DiskBrowser has been updated to version 1.0.25.  The latest version of Denis Molony’s Apple II disk image browsing software now supports the WOZ format.  DiskBrowser is a Java based application and includes the following features:

  • Applesoft and Integer Basic
  • Pascal disassembler
  • 6502 disassembler
  • Wizardry internals and maps
  • Infocom text adventure internals
  • Appleworks
  • Visicalc
  • HDV and 2mg
  • Compressed disks – shrinkIt, gzip, zip
  • Track and sector display
  • Dual DOS disks
  • CPM disks
  • Comprehensive disk listing

You will need the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment in order to use this utility.  To download the latest version of DiskBrowser, check out their Github Page at:


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