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The MacCast Posts Episode 690

The MacCast, a podcast produced by Adam Christianson, has released the 690th episode of the podcast. This latest episode goes over a myriad of Macintosh related topics including: AirPower still, still, coming… Snow in the underworld. Target will have Apple Pay. Apple Stagelight not a new video app. Apple updates all the OSes. AirPod 2 […]

The Mac plus 35 Years

This morning, I saw a post from Tim Cook which caused me to take pause of what I was doing and reminisce a bit. 35 years ago, I was a young computer lab technician working in the college computer lab, supporting 100 Apple II systems on a Corvus Network. We began receiving new computers in […]

MacCast Eoisode 687 Released

Episode 687 of the Adam Christianson produced MacCast has been released. This episode covers a host of topics including the Quarter 1 revision of guidance from Apple concerning the downturn in iPhone sales in China. Also, the AirPower, iTunes coming to “Smart TVs” and rumors of a Tri-Lens iPhone. More review of external DVD drives […]

RetroMacCast Episode 462 Released

The 462nd edition of the RetroMacCast Podcast has been released.   In this episode, James and John discuss eBay finds: WWDC pins, original Apple logo banner, and Apple Pacific mug. John gets his Mac ROM-inator working, and news includes Hap’s prototype auctions, and Sosumi. To listen to the RetroMacCast episodes, check out their website at: http://retromaccast.ning.com/

MacCast Episode #647 Released

Adam Christianson has released episode 647 of his MacCast podcast.  This episode includes a variety of Macintosh related topics including: iCloud on Google servers, not a surprise. More iPhone X Plus details. Two security firms claim to have iOS 11 cracks. Apple’s audio products are doing well. Apple Video adds M. Night Shyamalan series. Battery […]

I Wanted to Give This Course Away… But Mrs. LeVitus Won’t Let Me!

As you may recall, I released my first self-published e-book, Working Smarter for Mac Users back in February and was touched to receive many reviews like these: Then, a few months later, I released my first online course, Working Smarter for Mac Users—Improve your Efficiency, which is based on the first section of the book—Improve Your Efficiency—and was even […]

Working Smarter for Mac Users: Improve Your Efficiency — The Origin Story

After 16+ Years of Nearly Continuous Development, My New Online Course — Working Smarter for Mac Users: Improve Your Efficiency — is Now Open for Enrollment! After more than 16 years of nearly continuous development, I’m proud to announce that my first video training course — Working Smarter for Mac Users: Improve Your Efficiency — is now open for […]


I read this article at fortune.com the other day called Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Multitask, According to an MIT Neuroscientist by Earl Miller.  I couldn’t agree more. One of the cornerstones of my new book, Working Smarter for Mac Users, is that you get more work done when you focus on one task at a time. I knew this […]