Mac Minix — An Operating System from Yesteryear

Earlier this month, I went looking for the old Mac minix page. I wound up finding a Github page for it as well as a lot of broken links including the link for Brad Pliner’s Mac Minix page which was a major goto page for the Minix Operating system

However, thanks to Brad, the news of the page’s demise is fake news and the actual link on the Github page is incorrect. The correct link for Brad Pliner’s Mac Minix page at:

Minix was a unix like operating system made for PC’s and Macs in the late 1990’s by Strobesoft, however, they discontinued it in 2001. We had used a version of Minix to run our news feeder in Tokyo at one point which was what led us to the program in the first place.

Now with many of the sites disappearing and many links coming up dead, the survival of the Minix operating system over the past 25 years has been largely thanks to hobbyists like Brad who have kept their pages up for the masses.

If you would like to download the latest version of the Minix Operating system for Mac OS 8 or the source code, then check out the Github page at:

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