New Apple II Game : REALM – Rays of Nightmare

A.P.P.L.E. Member, Dan Gordon, has released a new Apple II game. Recovered from old hard drives, REALM – Rays of Nightmare is an Ultima style RPG game, originally written more than 30 years ago and has been re-worked for the modern day emulators.

From the Manual: “In your wanderings, you come upon a lone orc, apparently under some kindly enchantment. He presents you with a note from his lord:

“I am Xavier Francis, eighteenth Baron Lemphocym. I faithfully serve the High King in the west, who sits even now, it may be, on the throne of Castle Trueblood, surrounded and besieged.

But I am no longer in the realm of Arrinea. I dwell in unpeopled Fonkrakis, seeking a means to stop the nightmares of Mordock, whose dark arts are now so potent, that all he dreams is made real, and monsters, crawling up out of nitrous caverns, trouble all the realms.

Mordock! The talented Archwizard of my grandfather’s day. Spurned by the Lady Leothria, he descended into forbidden knowledge and madness, until finally he learned the secrets of the Pyramid Gates, created ages ago in the time of legend. An intricate key of precious metal admits the visitor to the inner pyramid, by arts so strange, that after passing through, he cannot recall the mode of passage. But once inside, even stranger arts speed him to other realms, by means of a colored prism of glass, set upon a tall pedestal shimmering with spectral light. My own Archwizard believes this prism channels the motive force of the dreams of Men, confounding the boundaries that separate nightmare from reality.

Forty years ago, my Arcane Council and I discovered scribbled parchments, left behind by Mordock, before his disappearance. Laboring long over the notes of the one- time genius, we found a complete set of keys and prisms in

a secret chamber, apparent products of an early experiment. We judged that while these prototypes are flawed, they are nonetheless operable, and might be used to lead a force of arms through the Pyramid Gates, to vanquish the nightmare dreamer. And so, taking my leave of the High King, I led a strong army into the realms beyond.

In cryptic Wornoth we found him, in an ethereal sea of everlasting night, filled with deadly spectres. At its center stands the Iron Tower, the stronghold of Mordock, and from its gates issued Wraith Lords, and our assault was turned back. Retreating to unpeopled Fonkrakis, we came to the abandoned Black Fortress, built long ago by they who built the Pyramid Gates. By the strength of this place we have survived, and I have lordship in Fonkrakis. But in the early days of the war, the Pyramid devices were taken, and so we are trapped here.

Now rumor has to come to us that intricate devices of precious metal, and prisms of colored glass, have been seen, even in Arrinea. The beasts that took them kept them as treasure, and this treasure has changed hands many times, and moved from place to place by many paths. For the enemy sends forth the rays of nightmare at will, no longer needing any device, and the creatures of nightmare move freely among all the realms.

We have a plan, but I am grown old, and the Arcane Council is grown old, and our time is past. We need new heroes to make Arrinea once again the realm of peaceful dreams. Find the key to the Fonkrakis gate, find the prism and put it on the pedestal there, and find me in the Black Fortress!”

The friendly orc gives you a bound document, prepared by the arcane council. He says it contains everything they dare put in writing. The rest you will have to discover along the way, or when you reach the Black Fortress. As he turns to leave, he remembers something, and from his pocket he produces a smoothly polished stone. Handing it to you, he says: “Here is the surfacing stone.””

Complete with all of the installation manuals, disks, technical information and Walkthrough, REALM – Rays of Nightmare is a program written primarily in Applesoft on both the DOS 3.3 and the ProDOS platforms.

The game comes on four 5.25 inch floppy disk images for the DOS 3.3 version or one 800K floppy disk image for the ProDOS version. There is also a players manual available in PDF format for the game.

Daniel has also released all of the information necessary to make modifications to the program and also in the Realm Github Wiki, there is plenty of information to give the player hints if they get stuck in a particular part of the RPG. Complete source code is also available for the game from the Realm Github page at:

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