Apple II Desktop Updated

The latest alpha release of the Apple II Desktop has been released. Version 1.2 Alpha 31 is now available for download from the Apple II Github page at Changes in this latest release include the following:

  • Various string updates.
  • Don’t use “shift key mod” on Laser 128 (since mouse button is detected as BUTN2 as well)
  • Clip long paths in dialogs. Fixes
  • Adjust fixed list view line width to handle wide dates.
Desk Accessories
  • This Apple DA: Fix smartport device name display
  • Added Startup Control Panel DA.
    • Can uncheck ‘Copy to RAMCard’
    • Can uncheck ‘Run Selector’

Joshua Bell, the Apple II Desktop project leader warns people that this software is very alpha and should not be used for production environments. However the

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