Tiny Books Pro 10.0.0 Released

Ken Winograd, a long time Apple programmer has announced the immediate release of his latest version of TinyBooks Pro.   The program which gives small businesses a full blown accounting package has been under development for many years and is available as a one time purchase complete with  upgrade.

According to the press release:

Merrimack, New Hampshire, January 1, 2018: Ken Winograd and Space-Time Associates announced today a major update of our ultra-simple Macintosh accounting and bookkeeping program called TinyBooks Pro. TinyBooks Pro is now a fully 64-bit application.

TinyBooks Pro is an ultra-simple, flexible, non-bloated, single-entry bookkeeping and accounting system for the Macintosh. TinyBooks Pro is designed for Sole Proprietors, home and other small businesses, and family finances. Most importantly, unlike many tax-related programs, TinyBooks Pro does NOT have to be re-purchased year after year. TinyBooks Pro can easily help you with your taxes for previous years, the current year and in years to come.

In fact, TinyBooks Pro can even be used to handle the accounting of multiple small businesses. TinyBooks Pro allows you to create as many documents as you want, and each document covers one business or family for one year. TinyBooks Pro now includes a Peruse Window that allows you to easily peruse all past TinyBooks Pro documents for all companies and years without having to close the current document.

TinyBooks Pro is the simplest way to handle the books for most small businesses. Just enter your expenses and income, and TinyBooks Pro does the rest. Current and year-to-date on-the-fly totals are continually displayed. Fully automatic bar-charting of all expense and income accounts make the determination of monthly trends intuitively obvious. TinyBooks Pro includes customizable Monthly Color-Coding, Reconciliation Checkmarks, and more.

A fully non-modal Reports and Transaction Search Window offers easy standard and custom reporting and searching. All lists and reports are easily exportable to other programs as standard tab-delimited text files.

Expense, Income and special Mileage (Business, Charitable and/or Medical) Entry Forms can be printed for off-line entry of data as desired. Standard Calendar and Non-fiscal years are effortlessly supported. Recurring and Split Expenses are easily created as well.

TinyBooks Pro includes Quarterly and Full-Year Bottom Line Reports. These are exactly the kinds of reports that accountants love. Each report is a full listing of the totals of all of your expenses and income broken down by accounts. The beauty of these reports is that the user need only specify what kind of report is desired, TinyBooks Pro does the rest. It’s impossible to mis-configure such reports.

TinyBooks Pro includes a Professional Invoice Printer that is as easy to use as the rest of the program. It prints professional-looking Invoices, Estimates, Statements, Proposals, Quotes, Receipts, Purchase Orders (and more) on plain white paper. No special or expensive forms are required. These forms can also be customized with your own logo, and with B&W, Grayscale or Color personalizations.

TinyBooks Pro includes the ability to print professional checks on pre-purchased check forms. And, we did the leg work so you don’t have to. When you purchase TinyBooks Pro checks, they are always perfectly and instantly compatible. No measuring, lining up, or other experimentation will be required. Printing professional checks has never been so effortless.

TinyBooks Pro also includes intuitive support for handling virtually any kind of taxes from any country, including State Sales Taxes, GST (Goods and Service Taxes), PST (Provincial Sales Taxes), VAT (Value Added Taxes) and more. Automatic Calculate Tax buttons are optionally available and can be configured to handle tax situations from around the world.

TinyBooks Pro, based on years of experience ‘doing the books’, is a native Macintosh application written exclusively for Intel-based Macintoshes running OSX (MacOS) and is available now.

For more information about TinyBooks Pro or to download the Free Trial version of the program, check out the TinyBooks Pro web page at:  http://www.winograd.com

You can also securely register the program through their website as well or receive support for the program.

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