A.P.P.L.E. Software Library New Programs

The library is now assembling games and other applications into module form, 2 or three programs on a menu. So far, we have Gamepak I with Anne Apple, OneArm Bandit and an updated version of Zot!; No 2 contains Hurkle, Multiply and Biorhythm while “Programmers Workshop” is composed of Append, Examine Basic, Renunber, List by Page, Poke Routine Write’ and Pick a Base From… Blackjack Checkers and Craps will be in the next Gamepak, while other new programs include Appleodian, Hamurabi and Life. Remember, we need your programs!

Programs may be obtained from participating dealers, which include Omega Bellevue. Computerland Federal Way and Empire.

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