A2Heaven releases new hardware

Three new memory cards have been announced from Bulgaria’s A2Heaven.

The cards, for the Apple II family, add 8 Megabytes of memory and other features:
Addon 8MB for Ramworks III
Ramworks III expansion to 8MB card , also emulates original Applied Engineering piggyback 2MB card and 512 KB memory extension form Applied Engineering. This card also supports 80 column mode.

The display on the card shows the current memory bank selected.







RamFactor compatible card ( firmware is same as original ) and  8MB, with jumper you can select from Applied Engineering or Apple firmware (to emulate apple memory expansion card).

The display on the card shows the current memory bank selected.








RamWorks III compatible card with 8MB battery powered RAM

The battery is for backup data (just like PowerFactor from AE) and can be used as Solid State Disk.


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