Franklin 500 (Apple IIc clone) power supply replacement

A few years ago I acquired a Franklin 500 computer. This was one of the few Apple //c clones that had extras and enhancements, as well as a “brick on a leash” power supply just like the //c. The excitement lasted me just a couple of days, then the power supply died. I looked around forums and groups in search of a replacement, but being such a ‘rare’ item, there were no replacements.

franklin3I put away the computer but always had the idea of fixing it. Then last KFest, somebody got another Franklin 500 from the garage giveaway, with no power supply. That same night he had rigged a IIgs power supply to make it work. I tried to get more information from the guy but failed. However, the idea stayed in my mind and a few days ago finally had some time to work on it. I have a spare IIgs power supply and also a //c+ one, so after some research found that both had the required +12V, -12v, +5V needed.

Franklin4The Franklin 500 is a beast: it’s very heavy thanks to the internal metal panels and the floppy drive, which weighs as much as an external Apple II drive alone. Opening the case I realized there was a big empty space where the power connects… I guess they planned an internal PS but settled with the brick. Measuring it I found the //c+ power supply fitted almost perfectly, if placed upside down.

After a few testing rounds I soldered and fitted the new internal power supply and added a standard power cord connector in the back. Overall I’m pretty happy with the result having a more portable computer that – although still heavy – I can take everywhere.

Here’s a link to the pin info:

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