Huibert Aalbers Announces Return of Several Apple IIgs Apps


Huibert Allbers has announced the return of a number of his Apple IIgs apps from the 1980’s.   According to Huibert, “I believed to have lost. However, Antoine Vignau was able to rescue most of the contents of my damaged HD 20SC drive.  Now all of his apps are availebe for free download from his website.

The Applications available include the following:


A very simple game, written in less than a week. It was never meant to be published but my editors at Britannica liked it and convinced me. Jigsaw! sold over 100,000 copies on multiple platforms. I never expected such a success.


Unlike Jigsaw, this program required almost a full year of work. Managing to write a 3D game on a 2.5MHz computer was no easy task. Additionally I had to learn to produce music with the Ensoniq chip but that was fun and gave me the idea to write SoundSmith, my next program.


This is probably the most rewarding program I have written to date. SoundSmith became an instant hit. People had purchased their Apple IIGS to enjoy their Ensoniq chip and there wasn’t a decent music application. SoundSmith filled that gap and I really enjoyed all the positive feedback I received from the Apple II community.


A simple NDA that allowed French IIGS users to fully use their keyboard when working with GS/OS applications.

Jigsaw Deluxe

An improved version of my best selling game, Jigsaw! This application was lost for almost 30 years and is now finally available for download.

For more information on Huibert Aalbers apps, you can checck out his website at:



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