RamFactor 8MB Card with Battery Backup – first look

I recently got one of the new RamFactor compatible cards from A2Heaven.com. The card is a modern clone of Applied Engineering’s RamFactor memory card. This new version is made with modern 8 MB SRAM, which uses less power and has extra features: a holder to add a small CR2032 type battery to hold the memory state just like the old RamFactor used to. It has a display that will show the current memory bank selected and RAM status.DSC_0053
Although it has the Applied Engineering Firmware, it also has Apple’s memory card firmware for more compatibility. It is user selectable via a jumper.

The card is small and very professional looking. After inserting it lighted up and I performed the AE internal RAM test. Is fun looking at the locations change in the display.

I’m very excited about the possibility of adding a RAM disk and copy my most used programs there, to have them available upon turn on.
In the next days I will try to make a ram disk, and maybe modify an Appleworks to use the memory and keep it with the battery. Stay tuned.



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