The difference between E-book readers and Comic Book readers

Just to let everybody know I’m still around and looking for material to write about. At the moment I’m comparing five E-book programs for the Mac.

Although they are similar to the Comic Book readers I’ve previously reviewed, the two E-book reader programs I’ve looked at so far do not appear to support image files. They are mainly for PDF and other “text” related formats. At the same time the Comic Book readers do not like the “text” related formats.

All this is very interesting since the controls for each program are pretty much identical. They are so identical in fact most of them could just add the input and display sections from the other group and have the capabilities of both.

For the moment it seems as though it is a case where the user needs two programs to do nearly identical tasks…

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Mike Pfaiffer was President of A.P.P.L.E. and also the president of Digital Civilization magazine, a monthly UNIX magaine. Mike wrote a number of articles for A.P.P.L.E. and sadly passed away 19 July 2013 at age 54.