1990 Version of GEM CD now Available for Download

Thanks to Arnaud Brossard, the original 1990 version of the Generous Efforts of Many (GEM) CD is now available for download from his website.  The collection which included all of the major Apple ][ shareware and freeware up to that point, included some 200mb of software, fonts, utilities and other items related to the Apple ][.

The CD is divided into 6 sections, 32mb each, and are ProDOS volumes.  They include:

GEM.CD.A – (Bootable) Features, Shrinkit
GEM.CD.B – Sounds, Games
GEM.CD.C – Graphics, MacPaint
GEM.CD.D – Macpaint
GEM.CD.E – NDA, CDA, INIT, Icons, Music, Selectors, File.Utilities, Development, Communications
GEM.CD.F – Productivity, Education, TAWUG, NAUG, AppleWorks GS, Appleworks, Miscellaneous

The zipped download file is in ProDOS ordered files and are ready for use in your favorite Apple II emulator.  They can also be transferred to a hard drive.

To download the GEM CD in its entirety, go to Arnaud’s Apple ][gs Info website at:


Thanks to Alex Lee for pointing this out to us in his latest news bulletin.

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