A2Desktop Pre-Alpha10 Released

For those of you following the Apple II Desktop project, you will be happy to know that there is a new pre-alpha. Release number 10 of the pre-alpha stage of the Apple II desktop project includes the following changes:

  • DeskTop
    • File > New Folder scrolls new folder into view. #16
    • DeskTop: Restrict double-click detection to content area clicks. #183
    • Fix off-by-one in icon repainting.  #181
    • Fix several UI issues with Format/Erase dialog. #177
    • Support extended ProDOS 2.5 dates. #169
  • Desk Accessories
    • Save control panel settings to external file so it survives upgrades. #184

While this is a project that is viable and will perform as described, the contributors to the project are quick to note that this is not a completed product and should not be used for any critical data.

For more information about this project or to download the latest binaries, check out the Apple II Desktop Github page at:

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