ADTPro 1.2.0 Released

David Schmidt has released the latest version of the ADTPro disk imaging software.  Apple Disk Transfer Prodos (ADTPro) is a vintage Apple computer series specific disk imaging software package and will work on APple ][‘s and Apple ///’s. The latest version of  ADTPro 1.2.0 was released to address a host of issues with the previous version and is not a “revolutionary” update as would normally be suggested by the version number.  The issues addressed in this release include the following items :

  • [Server] Integrate Cloudhopper’s 64-bit Windows RXTX dll – fixes 2-way Windows 7 64-bit serial communications
  • [Server] If a serial configuration isn’t usable, it doesn’t just put up the dialog box saying you should change the configuration – it brings up the change configuration dialog so you can
    actually do it
  • [Server] Be consistent when automatically adding file suffixes (.dsk vs. .DSK)
  • [Client] Don’t lock out interrupts during program execution – it hinders things like the GS Desk Accessory bring-up
  • [Client] Apple /// responds a little better to “disk switched” notifications like those produced by the CFFA300 card
  • [Client] Apple /// Ethernet screen layout was missing DHCP configuration option

You can download ADTPro from:

If you are using 64Bit Windows, there is a RXTX dll replacement which has been commissioned by David and is built by the good folks at Cloudhopper.  The dll  is available at:

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