Apple ][ Eamon Updated to Display Stats on Page

The original Eamon Beginners Cave has been updated to display the users stats on the page at all times.  The original modification was implemented in 1985 and never released. So I went back this week  and fixed the mod and am now releasing the New Beginners Cave for public beta.   While the program is nearly 100% ready to go, there may still a few glitches along the way.  If you find any issues with the program let me know.

You can download the New Beta Eamon Beginners Cave at:

Eamon #2, Lair of the Minotaur is also available in the new format at:

There will be more of the Eamon Adventures coming soon with the new modifications, as time allows.  The programs will be included on the Eamon Adventurers Guild Online website as well.  You will need an Apple ][ or  and Apple ][ series emulator capable of 80 columns.

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