Bill Buckels Makes Aztec C Manuals Available in Searchable Format

Thanks to Charlie Reiman, the following typeset Aztec C Manuals originally scanned by the late Paul R. Santa-Maria have been reformatted (they are now smaller and searchable and pastable as plain text), and are now available for download at the following links:

Aztec C 65 Version 3.2 cross-compiler

Aztec C 65 Version 3.2 ProDOS native-mode compiler

ProDOS Aztec C Unix-Like Shell

Charlie did a great job with these.

Before Paul passed-away (June 19, 2010), he did a great deal of work scanning manuals for the Apple II and other retro-computing platforms like CP/M. He sent me boxes of books including these manuals, and CDs of his work a few months before. Some of his work was also uploaded to the csa2 account.  These newly reformatted manuals are part of that csa2 account material.

Paul Santa-Maria provided the PDF Manuals for CG65 and C65. Dean Phares  created the standalone SHELL manual from part of one of Paul’s PDF’s.  Charlie Reiman made them searchable/pastable as text, and made Paul’s work smaller in file size. Dean’s work is a little larger now, but searchable/pastable as text.

In December 2009, after I received one of my boxes from Paul, he wrote to me “Sometimes you’ll see the stuff I posted online in two parts.  That was to break the file into parts less that 10MB each, which was a limitation on an email system I was using at the time…” (He also added, “The Merlin stuff should be on the csa2 gmail account…”.)  On February 5th, 2010 Paul sent me another box of goodies. On April 2, 2010, Paul emailed me an almost complete html version of the CG65 manual for proof-reading. I have yet to find the time to get to this.

Other Aztec C Users have helped as well, scanning and forwarding documentation. Obviously Al Kossow at has done more than his fair share including for Aztec C’s CP/M 80 side which is also a part of Apple II history.

Michael Evenson has access to an HP L7600 with paperport and recently scanned the Aztec C80 CP/M 1.06 manual (hopefully soon to be searchable as I get my act together on this part of my projects). I hope to draft Micahel and his scanner again in the months and years ahead.

In my view, retro-manuals for Aztec C and other tools are better than what we get with modern compilers. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself.

As far as new documentation goes, David Finnigan’s New Apple II User’s Guide is royally well done and shares my night table with Steven Weyrich’s wonderful Apple II History. I haven’t got the Wozpak yet, but it’s on my list. Rest assured Bill Martens that I’ll give that a go too, time willing.
New books are very cool. New manuals in html and so forth are necessary and cool too…

However the old retro Manuals cannot be beat, just as the old tools have persisted in their excellence, which in the case of Aztec C on the Apple II and the manner that it has allowed itself to be extended even without compiler source is a testimony to the developers of the times, and the fact that the excellence of all of this is unparalelled and peerless on the Apple II to this day.

An army of developers of modern compilers cannot alter Apple II history, nor erase it; of course they can add to it if they work with it and not the other way around. But in my view it needs to be about the Apple II and not about some other computer with the same processor, and about preserving what was good and better instead of substituting something newer but lamer in the retro-sense (and even in the present tense).

Apple II Forever!
csa2 forever!
Aztec C Forever!

Best Regards,


PS – Thanks to Jeff Hurlbert (Rubywand) for the Manx Aztec C Mini-manual for DOS 3.3. Thanks also to Michael J. Mahon for correcting some errors in this.  Many thanks to Mike T. (BluPhoenyx) for providing the content for the Apple II Aztec C65 ProDOS html manuals and to Frank at Phade Software for providing them to Mike in their original manpage format.

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