Brutal Deluxe Adds more Apple ][ Cassettes

Brutal Deluxe software has added four more cassettes to the Apple ][ Cassette website.   The new cassettes, scanned and added by Antoine Vignau, brings the number of cassettes in the collection to  563 tapes.

The Cassette was the main storage type for the initial Apple ][ Computers from the advent of the Apple ][ in 1977 until the first floppy disk drives were commercially available to consumers in 1979.  They also continued to be used well beyond that time due to the fact the cost of floppy disk media was far too pricey for most buyers of the Apple ][.   Thus, many software companies continued to make software available on cassette media until 1981 or 1982.

The newly added items in the Brutal Deluxe cassette collection include the following items:

  • Adventure International: adventure sampler #0 and its manual
  • Adventure International: the manual of Planetoids
  • Amdek Corporation: CMU-800 for Apple II
  • Tsukumo Original Soft: Memory check

You can download all of the tapes in WAV format, as well as the documentation from the Brutal Deluxe website at:

To make downloading and access to the tapes easier, Antoine has added a link to the Apple ][ cassette collection to the main Brutal Deluxe website.  He also mentions that there will be more additions to the collection in the coming weeks.

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