Brutal Deluxe Adds Numerous Cassettes to Apple II Collection


Brutal Deluxe software has added a number of cassettes to their Apple II cassette collection.   The library, maintained by Antoine Vignau, has now grown to 633 cassettes over the life of the library.  New additions to the collection include the following programs:

  • Creative computing software: Voodoo castle adventure
  • Innovative computer programs (by Ron Graff): The patient professor
  • Instant software: Oil tycoon
  • Mad hatter software: Diet planning package
  • MUSE: Maze game, Tank war, U-draw
  • Program design: Preschool IQ builder (Same and different, Letter builder)
  • Programma: Depth charge, Football predictions, Kaleidoscope, Tarot cards (Ancien tarot)
  • Rainbow computing: Apartment building cost analysis
  • subLogic: 3D graphics & demo
  • Wise owl workshop: Road race game & Space war

A note posted on CSA2 also suggests that the following programs will be forthcoming in the near future:

  • Apple: Hangman & Color math (the glu has to dry)

For more information, check out the Brutal Deluxe Website at:

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