Brutal Deluxe Apple ][ Cassette Collection Updated


The Apple ][ specific Cassette Tape collection maintained by Brutal Deluxe has reached 589 tapes and is continuing to grow nearly daily.  Antoine Vignau, curator of the site has added a number of items in the past few days including items from the following vendors:

  • A.P.P.L.E. (Library pak 1C/2B),
  • Hayden (Applesoft utility programs, Engineering mathematics-1, Revive, Slow list/stop list)
  • MUSE (Maze game)
  • Programma (Ampersoft, Jumpout/Shooting stars, Saucer war, Time clock)
  • Systems design lab (Funpak I by Chuck Sommerville)
  • Tsukumo (Apple invaders)

More tapes are coming soon according to posts from Antoine.  To download items from the collection go to the Brutal Deluxe Apple ][ Cassette Page at:

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