Brutal Deluxe Software Releases CADIUS

Brutal Deluxe Software has released a new command line too for managing Apple ][ Disk image files in Windows.  According to the press release from Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe Software, ”

Brutal Deluxe Software is proud to announce the release of CADIUS, a command-line tool for Windows to manage Apple II image disk files (.2mg, .po, .hdv).

The first purpose of Cadius is to write the output of the 65c816 Assembler directly into an Apple IIgs disk image (usually a .2mg) in order to quickly test the result, avoiding many keyboard & mouse manipulations.  Cadius may also manage Source Code files, by setting/cleaning the High Bit and formatting the Source Code to make it easy to read and edit in the Windows world.

Cadius is part of Brutal Deluxe’s Cross Developpement Tools Project, a full set of utilities available on Windows (and other) platforms to enable the creation of new Apple IIgs software : 65c816 Assembler, 65c816 Desassembler, 65c816 Simulator, Graphic File Converter, Resource Catcher…

You can download CADIUS from Brutal Deluxe Software’s website at:

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