Don’s Translator

By Val J. Golding

I would like to comment briefly on my. experience running Don’ s program the first time.  Like most of you, I have had very little to do  with low level programming. With Don’s program, I was able to see at a glance how a BASIC line like “500 PRINT” translated into Hex bytes 08 F4 01 63 01, and in turn, I was able enter a line of Basic from machine language.  Examining the result, I was able to determine that 08 F4 was the line number, 01 was a delimiter and 63 was the print command.

This was a real insight for me into the workings 0f Integer BASIC, and I strongly urge everyone to try this short program. Remember, experimentation is the key to learning! In his notes, Don explains an understanding of how BASIC statements are compiled and stored will allow you to get the most out of your Basic through storing Hex constants in your programs without fear of conversion errors, building symbol tables and renumbering programs, etc.

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