FTA Pulls ActiveGS 1.21 From App Store

Oliver Goguel, author of the ActiveGS App announced that he was pulling the latest version of his app from the App Store.  Version 1.21 had been submitted and was ready to be released when a bug was discovered in the app which would cause the iPad to freeze.  The bug was discovered after a beta tester used the zoom lock feature and the entire machine froze.

ActiveGS has been used for many years now on the Virtual Apple ][ website (http://www.virtualapple.org) but the mobile items are recent developments.  The mobile versions are much more time consuming for the developer but there are plans to release versions for iPhone, iPad, iPad2, and Android. The FTA is in the process of getting more beta testers for the Apps so that future versions are well tested before release.

For more information about the program, you can go to the ActiveGS webpage at:


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