Here’s an “OOPS FIXER!”


If you have dumped a program by hitting “RESET” when you meant to hit “RETURN” and Ctrl-C wouldn’t bring the program back – – I’ll bet the air was as blue around your APPLE II as it was around mine! – ! – ! A sweet little fix is a simple gadget that stops accidental keying “RESET” but does not stop its operation when it is needed. It does not hide the key, and doesn’t require lifting a lid to get to it. The gadget is made in a few minutes from an old – tired – empty cassette storage box lid. Just cut off 1-1/2″ from the left end of the cover, shorten the remaining length to 2-1/4″, soften the plastic over gentle heat and send the long flat side up about 15 1-1/8″ from the single edge.

Oops Fixer

Now, to use this gadget, press down slightly on tne lower right hand corner of the top cover of your· APPLE II, just above the -RESET” key. This will make a thin gap – just wide enough to slip the narrowest side under the keyboard housing and the top cover. If the bend angle is right, the plastic shield will cover, and just clear the “RESET” key. There is enough tension from the top cover to hold it in place. Wonder-of-wonders! ! ! The “RESET” key still works by pressing the cover, but, when you reach for the “RETURN” key – – your finger stubs. Voila ! ! No more unintentional program dumps.

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