JACE Apple II Emulator Updated

Brendan Robert has updated the Java Apple Computer Emulator, also known as JACE.   JACE is a free ware emulator which is Java 6 based and intended to be executable on multiple platforms.  In the latest update, Bendan has announced the following changes and fixes:

+Prince of Persia cheat module is included, but not active by default.  Enable from configuration menu (F4)
+Obligatory cheats such as infinite health, start with sword
+Crazy insane cheats using mouse such as “click to teleport” or “click to open gates” or “click to kill enemies” also work.
+Should work with any version of PoP because I used Mechner’s code to write it.  (THANKS JORDAN!!!!)

+Joystick support for keyboard arrow keys added, also with optional “hog” mode which means the arrow keys are hogged by the joystick and not passed to the emulator as keystrokes.  This makes games like Prince of Persia play extremely well!

+Fixed bug causing lo-res graphics mode to show on boot instead of text mode.

+Prodos-ordered (.po) disks now work for Disk ][ Controller (actually, they also work for mass-storage as well for some reason)  Thanks to the KEGS team!

+Extensive command line options now added.  See “Config” section for details. This enables joystick “0”, puts a disk controller in slot 6 and inserts a disk: -joy0.enabled -computer.s6card disk -s6.d1 /some/disk.dsk

+20% more efficient and less glitchy audio.

+Only partial support for Mockingboard, not complete yet unfortunately (but hopefully one day…)

+Passes all ram, rom and hardware diagnostics as if it were a real machine.

You can download the latest version of the JACE Emulator from the website at:


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