John Brooks Releases Bitsy Rip V.0.4

Brutal Deluxe Software have announced that Bitsy Rip, a new low-level copy program for the Apple II is now available.   According to the announcement by Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe Software:

Bitsy Rip is a low level disk imaging software using an Apple IIgs and a standard 5.25″ disk drive, no extra hardware is required!

This 0.4 version is pre-alpha and really more proof-of-concept than a usable product.

It requires 4 MB of ram and stores the disk nibble data starting at bank $02 with the timing data at bank $22.

Because it uses CPU timing to check for trailing 0 sync bits, it has to run at 2.8MHz. When it starts up it forces ‘fast’ mode and disables the Zip GS, but does not look for or disable the Transwarp.

The next step is to combine the nibble & timing data into a bitstream and write it out to an FDI file to test the images in open emulator.

You can download the program from the Brutal Deluxe website at:

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