Lamb Chops — New Apple II Game

Lamb Chops

Brian Picchi has released a new Apple II game, Lamb Chops.  The game which plays much like the old Atari games, is a multi-level fast action arcade game which speeds up as you progress through the stages.  The object of the game is to protect sheep as they cross a pasture.  Wolves and aliens of different species attack the sheep and the player, forcing him to keep on the alert at all times.  The player can only shoot one bullet at a time, which makes this game potentially a difficult game.

According to his press release on CSA2, “Here’s a new arcade game I’ve been working on. It’s my first assembly game (and thank you to everyone who has been answering my 6502 questions this month, especially Wade Clarke). It should run on any Apple II with 64K RAM.  Joystick and keyboard are both supported.  It’s a simple game, but took me a good month to write since I was learning as I programmed it. “

Brian’s information bracket on YouTube describes the game as “ an arcade game probably best described as a cross between Robotron and the hunting section from The Oregon Trail. You’re a sheep farmer and your flock has escaped from their fencing. Armed with a shotgun, you must protect them from the natural (and unnatural) forest inhabitants as they make their way home. You get extra men every 1,000 points. You lose a life by touching any creature (except the sheep) or by losing 3 sheep per level. The game gets progressively harder until level 20. If you make it that far you get a better game over screen when you die. Oh, and don’t shoot the sheep, friendly fire is enabled. “

The game is available as a free download.  For more information about the game, check out the YouTube video at:

To Download the came in .DO image format, go to:


If you would like to have a physical copy of the game, Brian has made a limited number of copies available through EBay at:


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