Apple ][ Lemonade now available in Lower Case

Brendon Robert has re-worked the Apple ][ classic, Lemonade so that “It is no longer yelling”.  Lemonade was one of the original Apple ][ games included on cassette tape with the 1977 version of the original Apple ][ computer.  The original program was written all in capital letters as the Apple ][ originally did not have lower case.

Lemonade is a game which is meant to teach fundamental marketing to elementary aged school children.  The basic idea is that the kids run a Lemonade Stand, deciding how much lemonade to make, how many advertising signs to make and how much to charge per glass of lemonade.  The weather, construction and other factors dictate how well sales go and how much is made in profits for the day.

The BASIC listing of the game is available on the posting in Comp.sys.Apple2 Usenet posting at:

You can also download a ready for emulator disk image from:

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