Light Cycles 3D Released After 40 Years!

Light Cycles 3D Released After 40 Years!April 1, 2017 /RPNewswire/ — The 8-Bit Bunch announce an unexpected discovery for the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Apple II – an original game from 1977.

You may have thought that Lemonade Stand and Little BrickOut were the titles to show off the capabilities of the Apple II. This, Light Cycles 3D, was the game that was supposed to ship with the computer but was pulled at the last minute for unknown reasons.

We discovered the cassette tape, hidden in the archives of the developer. The binary program was copied onto a floppy and a simple loader (and updated init screen) was added to show off this gem from a bygone era. A disk image is available for download here:…

Use with an emulator or copy to physical media for playing on actual Apple ][ hardware. This game can be installed on a hard disk.

A new preface and the original instruction sheets are available for download here:

Enjoy what could have been, 40 years ago…

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