OpenEmulator 1.0.3 Review

Just the other day, Marc S. Ressl released the latest version of his Apple II emulator for Mac OS X.

OpenEmulator, written by Marc S. Ressl, is the most exciting new Apple II emulator around. Designed to replicate down to the littlest details the experience of using real Apple II hardware, this free, open-source emulator succeeds in providing the full effect!

The latest version, 1.0.3, adds emulation of the Apple II Plus and J-Plus computers, as well as the Disk II drive and many other peripherals. This version finally lifts OpenEmulator from an interesting novelty to something far more useful. In time, it will come to challenge the top emulators for Mac OS X systems, Virtual II and Sweet16. OpenEmulator 1.0.3 requires a Macintosh running OS X 10.6 or 10.7. Older versions of OpenEmulator were compatible with OS X 10.5; it would be nice if this compatibility could be restored.

The attention to detail is astounding. The Disk II interface card, for example, can be configured with either the 16 sector or 13 sector PROM, something that I’ve never seen in an emulator. Furthermore, the sounds of the Disk II drive are also provided, and they can be shifted between the original Shugart mechanism and the newer Alps model. Disk I/O errors are every bit as horrific as they are on the original, with the drive head thrashing itself into track 0 in an attempt to recalibrate. Make sure your speakers aren’t up too loud!

Read the full review at Mac GUI.

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