R&D Automation Announces New CFFA 3000 Release Candidate Firmware

R&D Automation, makers of the CFFA Compact Flash drive card for the Apple I and II series computers, has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of the CFFA 3000 Firmware for beta testers.  The CFFA 3000 is a dual drive multi-capability card that R&D has been working on for about 2 years now.   The card is in final stages of development and release of the initial order of cards is forthcoming.

The following email was received by the beta testers this week:

CFFA3000 Beta Testers,

We have finally finished the firmware and have uploaded release candidate #1. After some tricky issues with Copy II+ and  some major changes to the CPLD we think we have something solid.

I plan to ship the first 100 boards out next Monday and need to start programming boards this weekend. If you have any time in the next couple days please try out this firmware and logic and let me know what you find.

I would like to point out that the logic updates fix some serious reliability issues.

Thank you to those who have provided feedback.


The initial run of CFFA 3000 Cards has sold out and is no longer available until L&D Automation produces another run.  However, for those lucky enough to own one of these cards, the possibility for extending the life of your old Apple //e compute is limitless.  Not only can you use virtual HDD images but you can also use both virtual disk drives and actual disk drives attached to your machine with copy programs and other software that may require multiple drives.  This is also a quick and each way to back up your floppy disks to virtual images.  The fact that the CFFA3000 uses USB means that you can put the disk images onto any physical HDD currently in use.

For more information about the CFFA3000, be sure to stop by the R&D  Automation, LLC website at http://dreher.net

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