Retro Computing Roundtable Episode 83 Posted


The crew at the Retro Computing Roundtable have posted Episode 83rd their podcast.  This weeks panelists include Paul Hagstrom hosting the Roundtable with Michael Mulhern and Mike Whalen.  This week the panel discusses a number of Apple related items including

  • Which Apple II, if you can only have one?
  • Why didn’t 6502 computers get faster?
  • History of Personal Computing podcast
  • Newly discovered Apple I up for auction
  • Chris Osborne on using modems without a land line and his Level 29 BBS
  • Macworld Magazine is no more
  • OzKfest dates announced: April 17-19 2015

To listen to this weeks episode of the Retro Computing Roundtable, go to:


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