T40 Text Screen Editor Released for Apple ][

From a posting by Antoine Vignau:

Say hello to T40 v1.2 which adds the following features:
– screen flipping (horizontal, vertical)
– screen mirrorrorrim (left-right, right-left, top-down, down-top)
– screen inverting (convert all chars to flash, normal or inverse
video mode)
– an undo feature for the above ones ūüėČ
– a feature to lock cursor movements (ideal for column art)
– is now menu driven (ahem)
– a change in the second output buffer (lines are now CR terminated)

Find it at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/apple2/t40.html

It will, for sure, be superseded by v1.3 which will add support for
open-apple shortcuts:
– oa-f : set to flash mode (faster)
– oa-i : set to inverse mode (faster)
– oa-n : set to normal mode (faster)
– oa-l : writing goes from right to left
– oa-r : writing goes from left to right
– oa-t : writing goes upwards
– oa-d : writing goes downwards
– oa-del : switch from/to insert mode
(- please, a help page in the program…)

Antoine Vignau
Brutal Deluxe Software

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