The Albert Apple ][ Clone in Living Color

ResetVector, run by Tony Diaz, has put up a new article outlining the history of the Albert Apple ][ Clone.  The Albert, was created with  all of the drives built into into it’s own box and the machine complete with all of the normal Apple ][ features as well as a number of enhanced features all on board.  While most manufacturers of the time were busy copying the Apple ][ as is, wholesale, cards and all, the Albert was a truly innovative computer.

According to the posting on the ResetVector website, “Albert Computer said theirs was not a copy, but an improvement. The courts on the other hand, were not convinced and they ended up retreating. Despite their soft-boot method, perhaps they were just a few years too early as Video Technology (Laser Computer) managed to finally figure out how to do it and launch a product a year later

You can read the entire story of the history of the computer at the reset vector website at:

Tony has also added 19 photos of the Albert on the ResetVector Gallery.

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