Virtual Apple ][ Website Updated

by A.P.P.L.E. Staff

The Virtual Apple ][ website has been upgraded to allow emulation on all platforms for their Apple ][ section.  The emulation site which is popular among educators for their games and ease of use in the classroom has long been criticized for their support of only Windows based platforms.

That has all changed thanks to the efforts of Marc Ressl and Nick Westgate.   Using a modified version of Marc’s AppleIIGo emulator, the new Virtual Apple ][ website now runs on any platform which supports Java.

Several features have also been included in the new version including the Mockingboard sound, faster emulator, full sized emulator that allows complete control over the emulator without other items getting in the way.

The only installation this emulator requires is Java which can be downloaded from the Sun Microsystems Java website at

Once you have Java installed, you will be up and running by just clicking on one of the over 1400 programs on the site’s menus.

For more information or to play the games, check out the Virtual Apple ][ website at:

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