Dear Mr. Golding

I recieved my July issue of Call-A.P.P.L.E. after joining the group.  I think you are doing a great job on Call-A.P.P.L.E.!  In Stopwatch (Library Pak 1A), the display flickers, this can be fixed by changing line 190:

Change POKE 34,22 to POKE 34,24.

I also have a question that others might be interested in too:

How do you use HI-RES with Integer Basic >LOAD without asking the operator to manually enter >HIMEM: 8192?  By listing your program, I see a BASIC line “5 HIMEM:16384”;  What does this do?



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Mr. Lam,

Thanks for your kind comments.  This is not easy to answer in a short space.  In fact, if space permits, we will reprint, elsewhere in this issue, an article from Apple’s newsletter CONTACT, issue 1, which explains in detail, just how to manipulate the program pointers to load a HI-RES program in BASIC, which is just about what we did in our HI-RES demo.  What you did not notice was line 0, which disappears, once the program has been run.  Line 0 reads:  HIMEM:8192, and if you try to enter it normally, you will get a ***SYNTAX ERR.  It was accomplished by first entering the line as “0 PRINT 8192” and then locating the line in memory and changing the print byte ($63) to HIMEM: ($10).  Our Programmer’s Workshop II is helpful for this, in that is has a routine to locate and display a BASIC line as viewed by memory.  The HIMEM: 16384 you referred to would have been in the Softcore Software program, which in truth is not a program but merely a screen display that has been saved on tape.

To be continued!


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