Announcing the FTP Tool Set and the SOS.FTP NDA

Now you can easily build your own FTP client, or add FTP functionality to your IIgs applications. Just drop the new FTP Tool Set into your System:Tools folder, add a few simple commands to your applications, and it is done…
Also being released is a new NDA, SOS.FTP. This utilises the FTP Tool Set, and from the IIgs Desktop, or while running an application, you can now easily send a single file to or from a host server using FTP.
The FTP Tool Set archive includes a basic FTP.Tester application, that uses the new Tool Set, and shows you what can be done using the many commands available with the Tool.
Please read the respective accompanying PDF Manuals, for details of how to use the NDA, or program the Tool Set.
Both the FTP Tool Set, and the SOS.FTP NDA, are available from my web site:
Cheers – Ewen (Speccie)
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