Daniel Kruszyna Releases SixtyFive Assembler

Message from Daniel Kruszyna:

Hello All,  I’ve released a new version of sixtyfive, my forth-style assembler.

Here are the changes:

  • Miscellaneous new 8 bit definitions: prntx and text window direct page locations.
  • Miscellaneous new IIgs bit definitions: ADB modifier and status registers.
  • New standalone script which converts the sector order of floppy images  from the command line.  The existing sector conversion support was  limited to operating on assembler segments.
  • New higher level interface for creating ProDOS images. Includes volume  and subdirectory creation and allocation of directory entries. New example OVERLAY40 which overlays one 40 column text screen over another.
  • New example REVERSEDUET which reverses an Electric Duet file. This program was used to create the back side of Drift.
  • New example REVERSEHGR which reflects a HIRES image about the origin.
  • New example SHOWKEYS which displays keypresses.
  • Refactored the cmp macro to support arbitrary operand widths and to work  with both 8 and 16 bit accumulator modes.
  • Improved NakedOS support to write files from the host filesystem as well as assembler segments.
  • Fixed an issue when using else, in 6502 mode. else, now generates an absolute jump instead of a branch always in this situation. bra, is only available on the 65c02 and 65c816 processors.
  • And probably other minor changes as well.

Thanks and enjoy.

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