Putting De-Protected Apple IIgs Software on Hard Drives

I’m a pretty happy camper at the moment. After buying IIGS games like Mean 18, World Games and Winter Games some 25 years ago, I can now finally play them from a hard drive, thanks to some instructions I found on the TABBS CD-ROM. Thanks to Speccie for making TABBS available to all and for some guidance on using Byte Bagger and understanding sector editing!

The article by Joe Jaworski can be found here:


which was originally taken from the file called ‘PATCHES.IIGS’ on the TABBS CD-ROM.

It’s enabled me, a complete non-programmer and even worse sector editor, to change the hard paths of some games that couldn’t just be copied to a hard drive (or any mass storage volume) and run from there without requiring the original (deprotected) floppy disk volume being mounted.

You can download these now hard drive friendly games here:


I ended up using Salvation Supreme – Deliverance to sector edit.


It includes some neat features like find and replace, with a case sensitivity option. Replacing all instances of paths in a couple of clicks is wonderful and potentially saved me many frustrating hours of going line by line of the represented ASCII data.

While I’m happy with what I have made work, there are still a few games that resist hard drive/mass storage installation. Dream Zone is particularly of interest, and from the TABBS CD-ROM, I’ve found a specific article detailing how to make that title hard drive installable – but it sounds like too much work for me as a novice sector editor. Anyone who can breeze through a sector editor want to give it a go?


I’ve logged my successes and failures, with additional notes here on all the games I’ve tried:


If anyone else thinks they can add to this list of successes, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll add these newly hacked games as a new volume to download from ‘What is the Apple IIGS?’ shortly.

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