Spectrum Telecomms Software for IIgs now Freeware

Apple IIgs programmer Ewen Wannop announced yesterday that he has decided to change the status of his commercial software to freeware.

Said Wannop:

As my contribution to KFest ’12, I am reclassifying all my commercial software. From now on, all my commercial titles that have been sold by Syndicomm are now Freeware, and can be downloaded either from Syndicomm at no cost, or from my own web site: http://www.wannop.info/speccie

The titles include:

  • Spectrum 2.5.3 Deluxe disk image
  • Spectrum 2.5.3 floppy disk set
  • The original SAM script set for Spectrum
  • The Bernie ][ The Rescue Starter Kit
  • The TABBS CD File Archive

If you require Spectrum, or the other titles on disk, Syndicomm will still be able to supply you with shipping costs only.

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