Updated Spectrum Manuals Available

A few weeks ago, Ewen Wannop, author of the premier telecommunications program for the Apple IIgs, Spectrum, announced that he had transitioned the program to freeware status.

He has now released revised and redesigned manuals for his program, including the main program and scripting manuals.

Says Wannop,

I have updated the various Spectrum manuals to my new PDF format, and combined the original v1.0 and v2.5.3 manuals into single manuals. I have also added the reference manuals for the various XCMDs, and how to programming Spectrum Add.Ons. Until now, these were only available on request.

You will find the Spectrum Program Manual, the Spectrum Scripting Manual, and the Spectrum Reference Manual on my web site: http://www.wannop.info/speccie/

There is now no excuse for you all not to be able to script for Spectrum, or even add your own XCMDs or Online Displays…

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