VNCview GS 1.0b2 Released with Source Code

Stephen Heumann, author of the virtual computing client, VNCview GS, recently announced an update and the open sourcing of his client software.  He updated the program to version 1.0b2 and simultaneously released the software on GitHub.

From:    Stephen Heumann <>
Newsgroups:    comp.sys.apple2
Subject:    Announcing VNCview GS 1.0b2 – updated and open-sourced
Date:    Tue, 29 Sep 2015 18:26:40 -0500

I recently dusted off the code for VNCview GS, the virtual network
computing client for the Apple IIgs.  It allows you to view and
interact with the graphical desktop of another computer from a IIgs.

I made a few enhancements, most notably supporting the display of
the mouse cursor from the remote computer locally on the IIgs,
which eliminates annoying cursor lag and the display of two separate
mouse cursors.  It should also be a bit faster in some cases.

So today I’m announcing the release of VNCView GS 1.0b2.

I’ve also open-sourced it and placed the code code on GitHub:

The binary download is on the releases page:

According to the release notes, some of the changes to the program include the following items:

  • First open source release
  • Can display the mouse cursor from the server locally on the IIgs
  • Detects some errors more quickly, avoiding long periods of unresponsiveness
  • Mapping of OA and Option keys reversed to match Mac VNC implementations
  • Raw pixel decoding performance improved slightly
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