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Open Apple #27: Daniel Kruszyna, demoparties, iSteve, and clones

This month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken chat with famed demo programmer Daniel Kruszyna, aka krüe. We chat about @party, the upcoming fourth annual demoparty to be held in recently beleaguered Boston, and how even non-programmers will find plenty to like. The first of three movies based on the life of Steve Jobs is now available for free online streaming — what’s the popular verdict on iSteve? There’s still more CFFAs coming from Rich Dreher, and they’ll work on even an original Apple-1, of which Mike Willegal is making yet more replicas. Speaking of clones, we found a “Redstone” Apple IIe clone in Australia that looks like a PC XT and is certainly no Tiger Learning Computer.

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An Interview with Apple-1PCB Designer Howard Cantin

Howard Cantin was the man behind the printed circuit boards for many of the early atari machines as well as the Apple01 computer.   Recently, Mike Willegal, creator of the Apple-1 Mimeo, sat down with Howard in a telephone interview to talk about what when into those days and his relationships with the heads of what was then Apple Computer as well as how things went with Nolan Bushnell of Atari

As for the proverbial story about how Atari refused the Atari Breakout board that Steve Wozniak built, he says “engineers at Atari couldn’t understand the design. Because they couldn’t understand it, Atari ended up not using it.”

You can read the interview in it’s entirety on Mike Willegal’s blog page at:



Brain Board to begin Shipping on 21 March 2011

Mike Willegal has announced that final beta testing on the Brain Boards has begun and that the kits will be $59.00.  Pre-built units will be available at some point for an additional fee.  Mike has also put  out a beta of the users guide for users to familiarize themselves with the board and created a website for the board at:


Orders for the Brain Board will begin to be taken on 19 March 2011 with the first units expected to ship on the 21st of March.  You can download the beta manual from the same website at:


There are other goodies offered of the website to familiarize users with the board including a video and information about the Wozanium Pack.  For more information about the Brain Board, check the website or write to Mike Willegal at:


Brain Board photo posted

Mike Willegal has posted a photo of his fully assembled Brain Board for the Apple II. The Brain Board turns an ordinary Apple ][ computer into an Apple-1 allowing the user to perform all of the same functionality of the Apple-1 computer while utilizing the Apple ][ cassette interface and keyboard for I/O. For more on the brainboard, check out the post at: