Apple-1 Goes on Sale – Registry # 79

Another Apple-1 computer is up for Auction on EBay. The Apple-1, the 79th listed in the official Apple-1 Registry is set for a buy it now of a cool $1.5 Million USD.

The Apple-1 computer was built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their now famed garage and was the stepping stone to making Apple Computer, Inc. what it is today.

Owned now by a Krishna B. Blake of Canada, the machine was recently repaired by the famed curator Corey Cohen, the successor to Mike Willegal as the manager of the Apple-1 Registry.

The video of a previous repair taking place recently made the rounds YouTube.

When asked about his cleaning process on the YouTube posting, Corey explained: “The 1st round is using 70% medical grade ISP. Normally I’d use 99.9% but with Covid it was unavailable at the time. The final rinse is with distilled water. Nothing magical, I do this for all my restorations to remove contaminants and dissolve anything that shouldn’t be there. Sometime you need to use liquid mask if there is something that will be damaged by the liquid. I avoid using ultrasonic cleaners because there are components on this 40+ year old board that could be damaged by it.”

Apple-1 Registry Listing:

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