Building your own Apple II Revision 0 Replica

Several people lately have been looking at the replica realm with great interest and I found myself looking back through the files at what people had done already. One of the mainstays in the Apple II replica real was Mike Willegal, the former curator of the the Apple-1 Registry.

One of the wonderful pages he had done was the “Information on Building your own Rev 0 Replica”, a page dedicated to the idea that the first Apple II available on the market was a machine that was within reach for all hobbyists.

Originally designed and built in 1975 to 1977 by Apple, Inc. co-founder, Steve Wozniak, the Apple II was a giant leap forward for the personal computer. The Rev 0 Apple II has a number of interesting items leaps in technology that were unheard of at the time. Capability of having 48K of memory on board was one of the first things that every 8 bit computer strived for at the time.

Wozniak’s Cassette tape read process was also a 1200 baud process which at the time was more than four times the speed that of any other computer tape process. This allowed the Apple II to read programs faster and for users to get from nothing to a full blown game in a matter of minutes. The expandability of the Apple II was also exploited thanks in great part to Apple and Wozniak disclosing the entire structure of the machine, making it a truly open platform upon which many companies were born. This concept is lost on most modern computer companies including the great Apple, Inc.

But that machine is within reach of all hobbyists now if you are willing to take the time to print the boards with provided Gerber files, gather the components and do the work putting the machine together. As Mike Willegal said on his website, “There are over 2500 holes on this board, most of which have the leg of a component in it. This project cannot be done in one evening.”

If the above describes you, then check out Mike’s webpage on building the Rev. 0 at:

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