Clock Signal Emulator Updated

The Clock Signal Emulator, a multi platform emulation system for Mac OS with Apple II Series support, has been updated. The latest update to the Clock Signal program includes support for the Apple Game Controller API as well as fixes for some of the non-Apple platforms.

Clock Signal also has support for a number of other systems including:

  • Acorn Electron;
  • Amstrad CPC;
  • Apple II/II+ and IIe;
  • Atari 2600;
  • Atari ST;
  • ColecoVision;
  • Commodore Vic-20 (and Commodore 1540/1);
  • Macintosh 512ke and Plus;
  • MSX 1;
  • Oric 1/Atmos;
  • Sega Master System; and
  • Sinclair ZX80/81.

Tom Harte, programmer of the Clock Signal Emulator for Mac OS has made the entire program and source code available on his Github page at:

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