VidHD – Firmware 1.15 & Manual 1.1 Available

The VidHD Apple II video card has new 1.15 firmware with many improvements and fixes. And, a new version 1.1 manual now details the firmware update procedure.

Firmware 1.15 Changes:

  • Fixed sync on 1440p, 1600p, and 2160p displays as long as they also support 1920×1080 or 1920×1200. Displays smaller than 1920 horizontal resolution will not work with firmware 1.15.
  • OS fixes: Linux 4.20.8 and uBoot 2019.01 loader.
  • MouseText: fixes incorrect inverse-checkmark font.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Ctrl-Reset on PAL machines to incorrectly switch VidHD to 60 Hz mode.
  • VidHD PASCAL extended text firmware:
    a. CR now stays on the same line (does not include LF)
    b. Ctrl-_ now correctly moves up one line (also fixed in BASIC)
  • Improved BASIC text firmware:
    a. ESC A,B,C,D are now supported.
    b. Fixed a bug where the VidHD mistakenly thought HOME was called and incorrectly cleared the screen.
    c. Turning off 80-column hardware at $C00C now exits VidHD text firmware.
    d. PR#3 now does POKE 33,40 to prevent HOME from corrupting BASIC at $8xx.
    e. Fixed a few bugs turning MouseText on and off via control characters.

Visit and download the updated firmware and manual. For future reference, the VidHD page can be found on our “Extras” menu.

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