AAPL: Apple Shares Push Through $500 USD Mark

Apple Inc (AAPL) shares pushed through the $500 USD per share price mark early in trading today.  While the up tick did not last, it was a major mile stone for the stock which is projected to go to at least $550 to $580 USD per share range by a number of analysts on wall street.  The stock traded most of the morning in the $498 and $499 USD per share range after pulling back from the $500 mark.   After the noon hour, the shares once again pushed back through the $500 a share mark, closing the day at $502.60 USD per share for the day.  After hours trading pushed the shares even higher to the $505.88 USD per share mark.

Several rumors are pushing the stock right now including the iPad 3 which is supposedly being announced March 7 as well as a supposed dividend being paid to share holders.  neither rumor has been confirmed, yet many media outlets are picking up on them and pushing the story.

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