Apple-1 Registry Online — 39 Units still around!

Mike Willegal of Mimeo fame has created an online registry of all known Apple-1 computers. While Apple Computer Inc produced 175 of the units in 1976, very few of the machines have survived the years and the tradein program Apple had when they introduced the Apple ][ computer. To date, Mike has catalogued 39 units complete with information about owners, auctions, auction / sale prices and current state of the machine.

The original Apple-1 computer sold for $666.66 USD in 1976. That price included nothing more than the board. The Byte Shop put the boards into home made wooden cases and numbered the machine boards that they had. While most computer owners these days throw away their machines after a time, Apple-1 owners are know for having kept their machines, kept the components, the original paperwork and manuals and in many cases, these items were even hand written by Steve Wozniak, the creator of the Apple-1 or by Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple.

The website has a good number of Apple-1 photos, manuals, links to owners websites and also technical information about each machine. It is well worth the look and can be found at:

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